Monday, July 19, 2010


and now...the sad part of my life. Yes, the suck-ish part.

Sorry saw, I'm going to fan you now. =D


ok. I guess you could tell that I'm one of the so-called 'chosen ones'. And not in a million years I would put my foot down on the grass of the camp, wherever that is. Of course I'll do anything within my power to get myself out of that hellish 3 months. End of story.

Next. Hmm..what else sucks?
Well I cannot think of anything right now. OH I'm so gonna continue reading reborn. I can feel the awesome-ness already.

=D ciao~~


Sunday, July 18, 2010

M Y L I F E.

assignment no.1 : You are required to write about your life, be it sad or awesome. Your blog must not be less than 1 word long.

ok I choose to tell you about my awesome life. Forgive the perasan-ness. Knowing me, it can't be helped. =D
Well, I lead a normal life like everyone else.Almost everyone. And no, no superheroes and superpowers. Sad, huh?
My awesome normal life consists of :-

1. AWESOME friends. Yeah, if you think you're my friend, then you're awesome. See? I smell perasan-ness emitting from people reading this right now....

2.AWESOME music. Music plays a huge part in my life. Even if the world is coming to an end, you'll see me listening to my iPod, not having a care in the world. LOL. Ok back to reality. So far the furthest I've done is listening to an iPod on when there's exam next day, hoping all the facts will be crammed into my head and not the lyrics. =D

3.AWESOME stuffs. I'm too lazy to elaborate on this because basically everything I have is way too awesome. Again, forgive the perasan-ness. You see, I love everything I have now and all the good times I've been through. Except for now. My bro and sis keep on singing the Happy Tree Friends song with those super high-pitched and oh-so-right voice. =.=

4.AWESOME food. FOOD FOOD FOOD! My current obsession is cherries...and sushi. If you don't want me glued to a box of cherries for hours, please keep me away from them. Even if its just one. I'm seriuos. I'm like a cherry-addict. Japanese food, however, is not that bad. I just need it once a week. =) Mom says next time I'll have to live in Japan so that she could tag along. Oh well..looks like I'm not the only one who just can't get enough of bento sets. =D I may sound like a spoiled brat here, but no. Its just an addiction to certain foods and I'm sure there's a term for that...

hungry now? =D

5.AWESOME mum. MUM LOVES TO COOK. To her, DIY is the best. From udon noodles to chinese dumplings, she does everything from scratch. and the best part is, all of them tastes really good. Really good. You can ask those who tried her cooking. *winks*

Enough for now, I guess. =D and now..

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

If Only The World Isn't That Boring..

Imagine if superpowers really exist among us. How cool is that? ><>

These are the obvious examples :-

Those guys made me into believing that being a mafia lord is freakin awesome. Especially the little baby wearing the red hat. He's the world's greatest hitman by the way..
These people can perform alchemy. The awesomeness... T~T
OH AND I WANT A BUTLER LIKE SEBASTIAN. nevermind if you don't get me. If you do, don't mind me.. XD but seriuosly I think I need a butler for some reason lol..

Rain- SID is playing for the 5th time in my head. Someone PLEASE make it stop D: Ame wa-..
MPS finally over..although I don't think I've done a lot..hehe ^^

Yes don't need to bring any books to school on Friday. =D Anyone not coming?
Lovely Bones sucks by the way ><.
Its Glee's turn..last episode..

Saturday, July 10, 2010

-No Title-

Its been a very long time since I updated my blog. So I guess its about time I do it now...

alice in wonderland. Thats the theme for this year's prom. Thank god its not the dress code or something. Imagine all the guys wearing a huge tall hat with red ribbon and all the girls wearing a blue dress, since I assume nobody would want to wear a freakishly puffy red dress or an all-white dress which resembles a wedding gown. I guess you get what I mean..
Now the bad news..
Mum wants me to design my own prom dress. *drums rolling* I can never achieve that. What if the dress turns out ugly or something? Sure, I can choose which clothes I should wear and not. But, its a huge mistake to ask me to design clothes, let alone DRESSES. argh.

OH WHY NOT HIRE SOME SMART-ASS DESIGNER TO DO IT ? I can just sit back and say yes or no. Isn't that so much simpler???

Note to self : Ask mum later. =D

There's World Cup later...which probably means I won't get to sleep early. Which also means I get to sleep in til noon. Yeah, that sounds nice =)) NETHERLANDS SHALL WIN. no offense, but Spain just pisses me off. First Argentina lost, now Germany. and if Paul predicted correctly, I'm so gonna have octo-sushi for breakfast, luch and dinner. as long as its sushi or sashimi.

I smell scones and garlic bread. Fresh from the oven. yum yum. ^^

Last night I watched this :

Its called black butler ( くろしつじ). awesome anime. Sorry FMA, I don't think you can beat this. XD
that little boy still creeps me out though..
and the butler looks like a vampire to me even though he's a demon. lol.

Anyone watched Eclipse yet? I wonder if its nice...
Oh shit haven't download Death Note 1 and 2 yet D:
T E A M E D W A R D.


Time to indulge in scones and garlic bread and chocolates. ciao~

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

When you're bored and there's a very boring looking paper in front of you...

this is what happens.

but its AWESOME.
ok its not because I'm perasan or anything but if more than one person agrees, than its definitely awesome. mwahahaaha

oh its by szelyssa =D

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Watched a few episodes of maid sama yesterday and yes i got hooked to it. If you guys are thinking this anime is boring or something, let me tell you. Yes, the graphics might be a bit disappointing. I wouldn't give credit to the special effects or so what either. But you know, once you get the hang of it, IT IS ADDICTIVE. The storyline...well I'm not sure of that yet, but so far so good ^^.Sometimes it can be funny but its not that kind of funny until you roll on the floor laughing. If you've got nothing else in the world to do, I would suggest you just go for it, sit back and enjoy a few episodes so you'll get what I mean haha.

...this image just can't be resize to the tinier version of it =.=

Oh yes can't wait for the next episode for FMA to arrive. Awesome special effects, amazing storyline and interesting characters.

Class last sports day....all totally awesome. Yeah I dunno how but Lyssa's my daughter? LOL a mum who's younger than her daughter...does it make sense to you? XD Anyway, that daughter of mines managed to persuade me to attend the sports day last Wednesday. Talk about the power of persuasion. hahaha...
That was probably the MOST MOST MOST MOST MOST awesome sports day I've ever had. You see, I only went three out of five times. During Form 1, I hang out with Zae Yee all the time, i think. It was B O R I N G. no offense but if you sit on the same spot all the time, running out of topic sometimes, it can be really depressing. Next . Form 3. I went to help the Librarian Board walking around selling drinks. Trust me, if you know me well enough, you would know what I'm thinking while wearing black absorbing all the sunlight, carrying an icebox which probably weigh a ton walking up and down. Before last Wednesday, my perception of Sports Day was I-think-you-know. But thanks to my super awesome friends I've change my perception. Lyssa if you're reading this I bet you'll be soooooo touched. XD

Crap I hope I've done all my homework..

OH YA! the Nostalgia thingy...We managed to find sponsor for our librarian board page in the school magazine. 2 coloured pages. ISN'T THAT AWESOMEEEE????? =D
haha and guess what, I'll be working with Kelly, another daughter of mines to design the pages =D mwahahaha imagine we had the most awesome pages.. such fun~ whoops looks like I got carried away..xp
wait but there's one tiniee inieee problem. I NEED THE PICS. ok never mind I'll ask usual.. many times have I said 'awesome' ?? xD